WHAT: Children are at risk, Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVUSD)’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) indoctrination programs are detrimental, divisive, and harmful to children.

WHY: DEI indoctrination of children runs deep at PVUSD.  The PVUSD, DEI programs are divisive, biased, harm children’s identity and self-worth, contain falsehoods, and include the stealth teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

This is what Kerry Baker, a recently-elected PVUSD board member, had to say about CRT, an arm of Marxist-inspired DEI: “I’m going to say this again real slow. CRT. Is. Not. Taught. In. Our. Schools. It’s called history and diversity, and it is vital to raising productive members of society. We are not a society of White Christians.” Link to Kerry Baker’s tweet: https://twitter.com/kerrylbaker27/status/1619470917025034240?s=46&t=a24k2Bx1C4X3S8f2LJhwRQ

If you have a Twitter account, let Kerry Baker know how you feel about her tweet shared above – mention @pvschools and @RealTomHorne

WHENPVUSD school board meeting, Thursday, February 23d, doors open at 6:30. Be there early enough to fill out a comment form by 6:55 PM – a form must be filled in to be heard from the podium.  Let the PVUSD board know your position on DEI and CRT

CALL TO ACTION: 1) Attend the, 2/23/2023, PVUSD board meeting and protect our kids/grandkids, speak up against the inherent bias and discrimination of DEI and show your support for Sandra Christensen. She is constantly under attack by the radical Left, which includes some of her fellow board members. 2)  Sign up to speak about the divisiveness of Kerry Baker’s CRT/DEI philosophy, 3) Write the PVUSD board, if you cannot attend in-person, before 23 FEB, with your concerns: Contact the Governing Board – Paradise Valley Unified School District (pvschools.net) ,

WHERE: 15002 N 32nd Street, Phoenix 85032; South of 32nd St. & Greenway Rd.

PLEASE READhttps://www.heritage.org/education/commentary/dei-has-failed-we-do-not-need-more-it ; https://www.heritage.org/progressivism/report/the-radicalization-race-philanthropy-and-dei ; Diversity and Inclusion=LGBTQ Agenda Pushed on School Kids – Not in our Schools