LD5 Republicans In The Community: Early Saturday, March 11th, 2023, LD5 Chairwoman Gina Maloney and fellow LD5 PCs took to the sunny—now shiny—streets of Phoenix for LD5 Republicans’ inaugural Adopt-A-Street event (an official City of Phoenix-sponsored community service program), cleaning up the area along Glendale Avenue between 7th Street and 16th Street. Yes, of course, LD5 Republicans are  about more than Get Out The Vote (GOTV): Saturday’s event was about Take Out The Trash (TOTT), LD5 Republicans volunteering to serve in our local community, keeping it enjoyable by doing our part to help keep it beautiful. This is where we, ourselves, along with our fellow community members—family, friends, neighbors, and others—live, work, and play. More than merely talking the talk, on this day LD5 PCs humbly walked the walk, cleaning up the area—eyes-on, hands-on, trash goneall along the way. Be on the lookout for our next LD5 Adopt-A-Street event announcement, or please feel free to just reach out and contact us, anytime, to get in on the action. We hope you’ll join us next time, and to those who showed up and helped out this time, thank you! We look forward to seeing our official LD5 Republicans Adopt-A-Street sign posted—in all its glory—streetside, soon!